On site support from experienced technical engineers

On site support from experienced field technical engineers for quick and appropriate correspondence to actual situation of job site.

To ensure continuous safe and effective works of equipment and machineries at your job site. Field technical support is one of key factor. We provide field support such as Emergency trouble shooting. Operation and maintenance.

  • Our experienced field technical engineers support your equipment and machineries on your job site.

  • Quick and Appropriate emergency trouble shooting on site and remote.

  • Supervision of Assembling , operation , maintenance and safety training to enhance safe and effective

  • Comprehensive inspection for equipment by professional and experienced eyes.

  • " One Stop " technical support for Japanese , European and American Equipment and Machineries.

On site technical Support

Field technical support engineers educated and experienced in Major Japanese Crane Manufacturer provides High Level technical support at your job site such as Inspection , Trouble shooting and supervision of assembly any where in the world. Also able to support not only Japanese products but also European and American products in your job site . This will saves your cost and time as you do not need to arrange Field technical support engineers from each manufacturers.

Online support

When machine down happens at remote area where you may not be able to access easily and urgent trouble shooting needed. Our Online support is one of good solution.

Our engineer can be connected to site throughout internet by mobile phone with camera and SNS such as Line, What's app and Face Book Messenger.
Diagnosing situation from picture and video on live helps quick understanding of situation and smooth communication with your site.
Online meeting system such as Zoom and Teams adds more accuracy of communication by sharing Drawings and Technical documents on live too.

This remote support service will be strong back up for your site, not only trouble shooting but also Instruction of machine assembly / disassembly and periodical inspection.

Trouble Shooting

Large sized Cranes and Special Foundation equipment is one of Key machineries at your job site and it affect to production significantly . We are able to support such kind of emergency countermeasure and trouble shooting on site or from remote location to resolve problem as quick as possible.

On site Supervising

Large sized cranes has various kinds of attachment configurations such as Luffing Jib, Derrick Mast and Super Heavy Lift with suspension additional counterweights to enhance lifting capacity and optimize the performance. However those kind of configuration may involve some risk at assembly and disassembly without experienced supervisor. We have a lot of experience for various kinds of Manufacturer and configuration to help assembly and disassembly work in safe. Also able to supervise large components installation when it is necessary for repairing at site.

Inspection and Reporting

Vital parts and components of Cranes such as Hoist ropes , Pendant Cables, Sheaves , Booms and Jibs. The failure of those components may connect to serious incident directly.It is quite important to Monitor and Inspect actual condition and quality throughout periodical inspection. We will issue proper Inspection report in proper way for your further planning of effective and preventive maintenance.

Part of experience

Emergency Countermeasure on site

Equipment )
400t Crawler Crane with Luffing Jib ( Kobelco )
Location )
Mindanao Island Philippines

400t Crawler crane electric system had malfunction and some of lifting job of power plant site was suspended . Quick and Immediate countermeasure was made by us at site. Due to remote location of site, Spare parts was not available in short time. Some of electric harness was made at site but following diagram in correct way to keep system in safe.
Crane resume to work again and recover loss of process.

Technical back up support on project site

Equipment )
Crawler Crane (Kobelco )
All Terrain Crane ( Tadano )
and other several brands.
Location )

Multiple numbers of brand of cranes were at work in Power Plant project site. Our Field Technical Support Engineer was station on site to Monitor, Maintain and trouble shoot. Ability to correspond multi brands equipment and machineries helps quick and immediate action at site. Our support could contribute part of success at this job site and completed our mission in safe.

Delivery and Commissioning

Equipment )
Crawler Crane ( Hitachi Sumitomo )
Location )
Independent state of Samoa

Commissioning service for Crawler Crane delivered to Project site managed by one of large Japanese construction company in Samoa.
Our field technical support engineer supervise assembling, Inspection and Operation/Maintenance Training. We are happy to have opportunity to be involved one of Japanese ODA project ( Official Development Assistance )

Supervision of heavy lifting on site

Equipment )
400t Crawler Crane with Lifting enhancer ( Kobelco )
Location )
Hong Kong

Lifting over 100t concrete segment to junction of approach to Hong Kong - Macau bridge.
Due to restriction of job site ( next to Hong Kong airport ) heavy lifting is only allowed in night time. Our field technical support engineer supervise whole lifting process from hook on to hook off and ready to correspond whenever machine trouble happens to make sure this critical lifting job to be completed on time and in safe.


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