Quick and Accurate spare parts supply

Quick and Accurate spare parts supply

Using genuine or quality proofed parts or components is important issue, to ensure right selection of those parts and components is one of our features too. It is needed to have right knowledge and network to select and procure right spare parts and components.

  • "One stop" Supplier for Japanese , European and American equipment spare parts and components.

  • Efficiency of trouble shooting by Technical support and Spare parts supply.

  • Time and cost saving by right selection and advise of spare parts and components.

  • Follow up to installation, Adjustment and Testing of those spare parts and components

  • Consultancy of Periodical contract maintenance , spare parts supply and schedule control


Received inquiry for Load Moment Indicator controller by customer , However it was found that problem is caused by main electric harness of attachments through out our engineer's hearing and inspection to actual crane on site. Crane back to work in short time and saves works and cost of our customer.



Structural damage or failure, The best solution is to replace to new Genuine components. However it may cost a lot and could be long time to produce. There is numbers of case to repair vital component but required high knowledge , skill and experience. Our full knowledge of steel structures and net work for crane will assist you for component repairs too.



Requested to procure right hook block for large crawler crane and we provided quality proofed hook block from European supplier after Detail technical correspondence to supply perfect hook block to our customer's Crane and help to save time and cost.



There could be some cases that you only need inner parts but you have to purchase whole component or assembly. This is one of case that we provide display parts for Load moment indicator. it is not necessary to replace whole LMI just to replace display.



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